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Gift Guide – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day that I never thought much about when I was buying for my own mum. It’s taken on a far greater significance since I became a mama myself! Here is my gift guide for those who might be a little bit stumped:

Keep it personal

Mother’s Day celebrates the special relationship women have with their children, so make sure your gift celebrates them. A handstamped piece of jewellery with the term of endearment her children use – Mama, Mummy, Nonna, Gran – can be very special. Why not get one that says, “This nana belongs to…” and include the names of her grandchildren? Jewellery with fingerprints and footprints make great gifts, but require a bit more forward-planning. Little hand-stamped charms like those below can be added to charm bracelets that mummies may already have.

Think of her interests

Tea jenny? Gin drinker? Sports fanatic? Gym bunny? Keep it connected to her interests. There’s no point in buying her a new hot water bottle if the last thing she enjoys is sitting still. Below is a whisky glass I monogrammed for my mum this year, as she enjoys the occasional single malt.

Make it last

Flowers are pretty, but they’re gone in a week. What about a frame filled with paper flowers and your family names on the front?

Give the gift of “me-time”

The one thing that us mummies miss the most is time to ourselves. You’d be amazed at how luxurious peeing on your own feels when there is a little person running around at your feet constantly. You don’t need to book us a three-day spa break, although that would be lovely…

Why not go DIY? Get a shoe box that your little one can decorate. Fill it with “me-time” goodies – a bath bomb, a box of herbal or fruit tea, a new mug, a little bit of makeup or our favourite beauty product, a voucher for the hairdresser, and three or four “hour of freedom” vouchers printed out from your computer. I’ve even included a printable for you to complete below – don’t say I’m not generous!

Mother’s Day Printable Voucher


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