Behind the Scenes

Behind The Scenes…Vinyl Wine Glass

One of my most popular products has always been wine glasses. I have made them for myself, my parents and my friends, and now I’m starting to offer them for sale.

To make these glasses I use my trusty cutting machine, the Silhouette Cameo, along with the accompanying design software. The process begins in the design software:

screen grab wine glass.jpg

I only use commercially licensed fonts for use by graphic designers – don’t be fooled, there are lots of beautiful free fonts available but they are for personal use only. The designers of these fonts deserve to make some money too, don’t they? So I always use officially licensed fonts in my products. The heart was hand-drawn by me, and scanned in.

Next, it’s time to break up the design into vinyl colours according to the customer’s needs. In this case, the glass is to be silver, pink and white. Then it’s time to cut the vinyl!

The vinyl I use is professional signmaker’s vinyl for permanent application. It is safe for use on glass and although it takes three days to cure properly, it is then safe to wash. I always advise hand-washing for longevity.

Now comes the most time-consuming yet therapeutic part: picking out all of the tiny vinyl pieces from the cut. This is called “weeding”.

Then it’s time to apply the vinyl. This is the fernickity bit…but here’s an insider tip. To get your vinyl straight, fill your glass with a small amount of water and use the top of the water as your straight line guide…

finished wine glass

And tada! Once the vinyl is burnished carefully using a signmaker’s squeegee, it’s done. Completely bespoke glasses!

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